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Soakaway Crates

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Drainage Sales sells both the Aquavoid and the Polypipe Polystorm Soakaway crate systems.

These cells, or crates as they are commonly known, are now the most commonly used method of building a soakway both domestic housing and commercial applications.

Soakaway Crates Features & Benefits

Soakaways are a step forward in drainage technology, doing away with old fashioned, inefficient soakaways filled with hardcore and building waste and providing a safe and intelligent solution to rainwater management.

Each individual Polystorm water crate can hold 190 litres of water (0.19 cubic meters). The Aquavoid Crates have a holding capacity of 333 litres (0.333 cubic metres).

The outward facing surfaces of the crates should be wrapped in geotextile membrane to stop soil from entering and clogging up the system.

In order to form a 1 cubic metre soakaway (1m square x 1m deep) you would need 5 Polystorm crates, or 3 Aquavoid Crates. This would be sufficient to drain an average roof area of 50sq metres. 

Soakaway Crates Compatibility

The crates are interlocking and have knockout sections along the side to accommodate the incoming pipes. For more details on these entry points please refer to the individual product pages. 

Soakaways Crates Delivery

Please note that that due to their bulky nature orders for water crates incur an additional £10 delivery charge. 

Soakaway Crates Installation Guide

Installation instructions for our aquavoid and Polystorm water crates are available here, but you might find it helpful to watch our video tutorial on the subject.

Soakaway Set 1 Cubic Metre

Code: AQUA1M3

£169.00 ex.VAT
From 12 reviews

Soakaway Set (Heavy) 1 Cubic Metre

Code: AQUA2M3

£199.00 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

Aquavoid Water Crate 1m x 1m x 333mm

Code: AQUA1

£54.50 ex.VAT
From 3 reviews

Aquavoid Water Crate Heavy 1m x 1m x 333mm

Code: AQUA2

£69.00 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

Soakaway Clip Vertical


£0.30 ex.VAT

Soakaway Clip Lateral


£0.30 ex.VAT

Polystorm Lite Water Storage Cell

Code: PSM2

£33.99 ex.VAT

Polystorm Water Storage Cell

Code: PSM1

£37.00 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews
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