Channel Drains - Commercial

Commercial channel drainage is used in a variety of applications where a heavier load resistance is required. This includes:

  • Public building entrances
  • Car parks
  • Pedestrian precincts
  • Railway platforms
  • Kerbside drainage
  • Retail parks

And more!

Our commercial channel drain range is filled with everything you will need for a large-scale channel drain installation. We supply both polymer concrete channel drains and polypropylene/ductile iron channel drains, which both come in 1M lengths and can be connected to your underground drainage system. Also in this range are silt traps, which will prevent any unwanted silt, sand, soil, etc. from entering your water storage system. Our channel drainage outlets will ensure a smooth transition of water throughout your channel drain as it makes its way into your underground drainage system.

The range includes Hauraton channel drains and Clark Drain channels.


The polymer concrete option is very hard-wearing and comes with a durable ductile iron grating. Our polymer concrete linear drains cover all eventualities, including forklift traffic and industrial locations, docks and even airports.

Our concrete Clark Drain channels are available in 25 tonne, 40 tonne, and 90 tonne options, all of which are supplied in 1 metre lengths. Each of the channel drainage options are supplied with an 110mm outlet, so that they can connect with standard UPVC 110mm underground drainage pipe.


This polypropylene channel drain option is also extremely robust and comes with a ductile iron grating that incorporates a slip-resistant tread pattern. The channel and grating are supplied in a single part, which makes it super easy to install and transport.

The main benefit of using polypropylene channel drains is that they are a lot lighter in weight than concrete channel drains, making them easier to install and transport. They’re also completely weather resistant, so can withstand harsh weather environments such as frost, high-temperature differences, harsh UV rays, and de-icing salts in the case of snow or ice.

The polypropylene Hauraton channel drains are available in 25 tonne and 40 tonne options, both of which are supplied in 1 metre lengths.

Please note that there is a one-off “bulky items” charge of £10 that will be added for any orders that include lengths of commercial channel drainage, due to the weight of these products.

For a Guide to Channel Drainage Installation, click here. Alternatively, please click on the Guides and Tips tab below, where you will find a range of further information on this subject.

Have any questions about our range of Channel Drains? Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team – we’re always happy to help!

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  1. Channel Drainage Silt Box Fibretec Grating - 25 Tonne Loading
    1. Code 47054
    2. Brand Hauraton
    £144.93 £173.92
  2. Channel Drainage End Cap Closed Fibretec
    1. Code 48681
    2. Brand Hauraton
    £9.14 £10.97
  3. Channel Drainage Polypropylene / Ductile Iron Class C250 - 25 Tonne x 1mtr Length

    ON BACK ORDER - Please contact us for availability and alternatives

    1. Code CD437
    2. Brand Clark-Drain
    £69.55 £83.46
  4. Channel Drainage Polymer Concrete Class F900 - 90 Tonne x 1mtr Length

    ON BACK ORDER - Please contact us for availability and alternatives

    1. Code CDF10L00C63
    2. Brand Clark-Drain
    £78.61 £94.33
  5. Channel Drainage End Cap For Polymer Concrete Drains - Pair
    1. Code CD125-EC
    2. Brand Clark-Drain
    £20.05 £24.06
  6. Channel Drainage Outlet End Cap
    1. Code CDSE10OU00
    2. Brand Clark-Drain
    £10.92 £13.10
  7. Channel Drainage End Cap Polymer Concrete
    1. Code CDSE10E20
    2. Brand Clark-Drain
    £14.06 £16.87
  8. Channel Drainage Debris Trap
    1. Code CLKS403
    2. Brand Clark-Drain
    £3.49 £4.19
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17 Items