Drainage Bend Single Socket - 87.5 Degree x 110mm - Pack of 30

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This 88-degree bend is one of the most popular fittings that we stock and has a couple of uses depending on the fitting. Most people refer to these bends as 90 degrees, but the reason that they are actually 88 degree is to create a natural fall to ensure that materials flowing through the bend keep on moving.

Single socket uses:

  • Most commonly used at the foot of a rainwater downpipe, where the downpipes join the drainage system, in conjunction with our  D96 rainwater adaptor.

Double socket uses:

  • At the foot of a soil pipe to create a change of direction from vertical to horizontal. If you are thinking about using this at the foot of a soil pipe we would suggest you consider using the D571 87.5-degree rest bend which has a longer radius to eliminate potential blockages.
  • This bend can also be used at the foot of a rainwater downpipe, and again we recommend you use a D96 universal rainwater adaptor to make the connection.

The socketed ends of the fitting are designed to accept a length of pipe. If this pipe has been cut to length it should be chamfered and lubricated with our SG100 lubricant prior to insertion into the socket to ensure the best possible seal. The socketed end can also be used in conjunction with other fittings that have a pre-chamfered end, such as single-socket bends or gullies.

Please watch our overview video below