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Alternative Uses for Our PVC Pipes!

Whilst 99.9% of our customers use our products for the purpose that were made for - Drainage and Ducting - there is a resourceful minority of people that have put plumbing and drainage pipes to completely different uses, some of which we applaud and some of which we certainly wouldn't recommend! Take a look at the images below - you may soon find yourself planning some home improvements of a different kind!

Starting In the Garden...

We'd guess that one of the more obvious alternative uses for pipes is in a Guinea Pig or Rabbit run. These little creatures seem to love the fact that the enclosed nature of the pipe recreates their natural enviroment. It is also very practical, allowing external runs to be connected to hutches. A number of pet stores now source and sell Flexible PVC Duct and Twinwall Drainage for exactly these uses.


How about a football goal? Any parent of a young children, boys in particular, will be asked to provide a set of goal posts at some point. Our Waste Pipes are perfect for this. You can use Push Fit for a demountable option, or ABS Solvent Weld for a more permanent fixture. And as the children grow and the ball gets heavier and the shots harder, you can fill the pipes with water or sand to weigh them down.

PVC Waste Pipe Goal

Ok, so the pets are happy and the children are playing contentedly. All you need is some garden chairs to watch them from, and some flowerpots or planters to brighten things up. Check this out...

PVC Waste pipe chairs    Soil Pipe Plant Holder

We're not sure how comfortable it would be but is certainly looks functional and it's all made from PVC Soil and Waste Pipe. Very clever!

Inside the House

We will start with the most common ones. Shoe holders and wine racks are the uses that we at Drainage Sales come across fairly often. The standard material for this is 110mm Soil Pipe or Underground Drainage (more usually soil as it comes in a variety of colours. Throw in a few different diameter pipes, mixing soil pipe with various waste pipe sizes, and you can actually make quite a decorative feature. And it goes without saying that above the wine rack you need a glass holder!

Drainage Pipe Shoe Rack  Black Soil Pipe Wine Rack

 White Soil Pipe Glass rack  


We have heard of toothbrush holders before - quite clever if not a little rustic for our tastes - but a bed? Never heard of that one before!

PVC White waste pipe bathrooom  PVC Soil Pipe bed

Wacky But Clever

The bird perch/feeder below appears to be made from PVC Waste Pipe, and we think that the budgie looks quite at home on it. The sculptures are very clever - these have been made from copper tube, galvanised steel and plain old Soil Pipe with a coat of paint applied.

PVC Pipe Bird Feeder Steel Pipe artwork

soil pipe abstract art Copper Tube chair

And One We Wouldn't Recommend....

Most of the images above have either a novelty value, are a cost effective alternative to the real thing or they demonstrate artistic license. We hope that you have been inspired by some of the ideas that others have put into practice. But when it comes to the safety of your childen we would always recommend Mothercare or similar over Drainage Sales!

Send Us Your Snaps

If you or someone that you know have used our products for something a bit different, we would love to hear from you. Email us a picture of your work and if it is appropriate we will include it on this page - and you in turn could be a source of inspiration for the next designers, inventors or entrpreneurs.







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