Polystorm Soakaway Water Storage Cell - Lite

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Code PSM2
EAN Code 0691208235914
Brand Polypipe
Colour Black
Material Strong Copolymer Polypropylene
Tonne Loading 20 Tonne
Capacity 190 Litres
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Polystorm Lite Water Storage Cell 1000mm(L) x 500mm(W) x 400mm(H) Interlocking

Polystorm Lite Can Withstand Vertical Loads Of 20 Tonnes Making It Ideal For Use Beneath Gardens And Pedestrian Areas.

These cells, or crates as they are commonly known, are now the most popular way to create soakways in residential and commercial applications.

They are a step forward in drainage technology, doing away with old fashioned, inefficient soakaways filled with hardcore and building waste and providing a safe and intelligent solution to rainwater management.

Each individual water crate can hold 190 litres of water (0.19 cubic meters). 1 crate should be used for every 10sq metres of roof to be drained. The cells are assembled together to form a structure of any shape or size to hold water from roofs, gutters and land drains. The outward facing surfaces of the crates should be wrapped in geotextile membrane to stop soil from entering and clogging up the system. In order to form a 1 cubic metre soakaway (1m square x 1m deep) you would need 5 crates. This would be sufficient to drain an average roof area of 50sq metres. The crates are interlocking and have knockout sections at eother end to accommodate an incoming 110mm or 100mm rigid or flexible pipe. Please note that that due to their bulky nature orders for Polystorm crates incur an additional £10 delivery charge. Recommended with a Sentinel Silt Trap to prevent build up of silt and sand and ensure longevity of the soakway system.