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Underground Drainage

In this section you will find standard 110mm and 160mm pipes and fittings; as well as channel drainage (slotted drains for use in draining stormwater from driveways and patios), sewage treatment plants for properties that are not connected to mains drainage and subfloor ventilation products that are generally installed when the first drainage fittings are introduced to the site.

Features & Benefits of the 110mm & 160mm Drainage System

Our 110mm Drainage, which is the most common size for domestic drainage in the UK, is manufactured to BS-EN 1401 and BS 4660.
All of our underground drainage pipes and the majority of our fittings are manufactured from UPVC, and all pipe, bends, gullies and connectors in the drainage system are commonly manufactured in a Golden Brown colour.

Compatibility with Soil & Waste Systems

Our underground drainage products are fully compatible with our above ground soil and waste systems.
In this section you will find all of the most commonly used drainage bends and different types of connectors and adaptors along with gully traps and other basic components of the drainage system. This system is interchangeable with all other leading manufacturers 110mm and 160mm systems.

Drainage Installation Guides

You can find hints and tips on installing different types of drainage products in our Guides and Tips section below, and also more information on how to lay drainage pipes, but if you are unable to find information or the products that you need, or you are in need of any other technical advice, please contact Drainage Sales on 01206 931404 or email us with your question.
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