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Welcome to Drainage Sales

We specialise in all types of Underground Drainage manufactured to BS-EN 1401 and BS 4660. Our best-selling ranges are 110mm Drainage, Inspection Chambers, Soil & Waste Systems, Land Drainage, MDPE Water Main Systems, Manhole Covers and Ducting. 

We are fortunate to receive strong support from key manufacturers in the drainage sector, such as FloPlast and ClarkDrain, with whom we have enjoyed long-standing relationships over a number of years.

Our customers are predominantly homeowners, builders/contractors, civil engineers and the agricultural sector. We are always happy to advise our customers on their projects, whether it's a small extension or repair or a complete renovation or new build. You can find hints and tips on installing different types of drainage products on our installation page, but if you are unable to find information or the products that you need, or you are in need of any other  technical advice, please contact Drainage Sales on 0844 854 5998.

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