Ring Seal Soil System

Ring seal soil pipes, also known as push fit pipes, offer a practical and efficient method for handling above-ground drainage and foul discharge in domestic settings. This system combines ease of installation with a reliable sealing mechanism and modern design, making it a practical choice for homeowners and professionals alike.

Engineered to efficiently transport sewage from toilets and urinals into the underground sewer network, our 110mm soil pipes and fittings include push fit joints and an inventive seal and snap cap mechanism. This design ensures watertight integrity, facilitates hassle free installation, and maintains a compact footprint, making them highly favoured for residential drainage setups.

Our extensive range of the ring seal soil system include pipes, bends, adaptors, couplers, air admittance valves, and boss terminals. With these components readily available, creating a reliable and efficient drainage infrastructure becomes a seamless process.

Compatible with our underground drainage system, this versatile solution comes in 5 different colour choices: White, Black, Grey, Anthracite Grey and Cast Iron Effect. Click on your preferred colour below to browse our product ranges and explore detailed features and benefits.

Features and Benefits of Ring Seal Soil pipes

  • Reliable Seal: The captive rubber ring seal, compressed against the pipe when inserted into the fitting, creates an airtight and watertight seal that prevents leaks and ensures proper drainage.
  • Flexibility: The combination of the lubricant and the rubber ring seal allows for some degree of flexibility, protecting the soil stack from mechanical forces, expansion, and contraction due to temperature changes.
  • Resistant to Strong Chemicals: uPVC soil pipes exhibit robust chemical resistance, safeguarding against corrosion from cleaning agents like bleach. This feature ensures prolonged system longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Minimal Water & Waste Friction: The uPVC ring seal soil pipe system is designed to minimise friction and ensure a smooth flow of water and waste through the pipes. This is achieved through the smooth interior surface of the pipe.
  • Easy Installation & Modification: Ring seal pipes use a tool-free push fit jointing system, requiring no specialised tools or equipment for installation. This makes the system suitable for DIY projects and professional installations alike. Ring Seal soil pipe systems also offer ease of disassembly and modification, allowing joints to be effortlessly separated to release the pipe. This feature makes them ideal for refurbishment projects.
  • Proven Performance: Our ring seal soil system is manufactured to meet British Standards BS EN 1401-1: 1998 / BS4660: 2000, ensuring consistent quality and performance.
  • Cost Effective: uPVC soil pipes offer a cost effective alternative to traditional materials like cast iron. Their affordability, coupled with easier transportation and quicker installation, positions PVC-U Ring Seal systems as the most economical choice for soil pipes.

Compatibility and Applications

One of the key advantages of the 110mm soil pipe system is its compatibility with existing drainage installations. For those connecting to older cast iron or cement soil pipes, we've provided specific tutorials to ensure a seamless transition and proper integration with the new system.

Our system is crafted from durable uPVC, ensuring reliability and longevity in various applications. Capable of withstanding liquid temperatures up to 76°C under contant flow conditions, it even endures temperatures up to 100°C for brief periods (no longer than two minutes). This versatility makes the ring seal system an ideal choice for both domestic and commercial installations.

While the ring seal push fit system is primarily designed for domestic and light commercial applications, it is important to consider the potential exposure to harsh chemicals, acids, and continuous high temperatures. In cases where the soil system is likely to encounter such conditions, a solvent weld soil system may be a more suitable alternative.

Soil Pipe Installation

Whether you're a homeowner, DIYer, or professional, taking advantage of our comprehensive guides, tips, and expert advice can help ensure a successful ring seal soil pipe installation.

With the right resources at your fingertips, you can approach your project with confidence, knowing you have the knowledge and support to achieve a properly functioning and long lasting drainage system.

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