Square Gutter - Black 135mm

Our 135mm Black Square Gutter is manufactured by leading European manufacturer Galeco, who also supply all of our steel gutter systems. Our 135mm x 82mm PVC square system is the deepest square gutter system available in the UK – perfect for larger or steeper roofs. The flow rate is considerably higher than our standard square gutter, and the 70mm x 80mm rectangular downpipe is both unusual and robust, with the ability to quickly discharge large amounts of rainwater.

To view a full downloadable installation guide of this guttering system on our website, click here.

Unique Design

This 135mm x 82mm square gutter system fills a gap in the market – up until now deep gutters have been either half round or semi-elliptical in design. Galeco’s 135mm system is perfectly adapted to modern building designs, yet it is equally at home on traditional buildings, both for domestic housing and on smart commercial buildings.

Glossy finish

Galeco’s PVC gutters are co-extruded, producing a high sheen finish that will last for years to come. Like all plastic gutters, all that is required is a wash down with soapy water once or twice a year to maintain a finish that looks as good as new.

Innovative Seals

This system uses an additional plastic insert to add integrity to the seal all the way around its surface. The insert, which is included with all unions, angles, stop ends and outlets, adds additional pressure to compress the gutter onto the seal, ensuring that full contact is made all the way around the seal section, as shown below. The insert is pushed down into position over the top of the gutter and is held in place by the clips on the fittings. This clever innovation takes just seconds to fit but adds an additional layer of strength and integrity to all joints.

As with all PVC Gutter systems, we always recommend the use of our SL40 spray lubricant to protect the seals and increase their lifespan.

Galeco PVC Square Spec

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  1. Square Gutter (Large 135mm) Rafter Bracket - Black
    1. Code RRXS1B
    2. Brand Galeco
    3. Size 135mm
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  2. Square Downpipe 80mm x 70mm Socket - Black
    1. Code RSSX1B
    2. Brand Galeco
    3. Size 135mm
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  3. Leaf and Debris Gully - 110mm
    1. Code D94G
    2. Brand Galeco
    3. Size 110mm
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