Flexible Drainage Couplings

Flexible drainage couplings serve as important components within drainage systems. They offer easy connections between pipes of varying materials, sizes, and shapes.

Made from EPDM rubber, our flexible drainage pipe couplings offer a versatile and reliable solution for coupling drainage, sewerage, and plumbing installations, without the need of time-consuming fabrications or costly material-specific branded couplings. Engineered to the highest industry standards including BS EN 16397, BS EN 681-1, ETA-09/0248, and WIS 4-41-01, these flexible pipe couplings are at the forefront of quality and durability.

Our couplings can easily accommodate minor pipe misalignments and movements, ensuring a watertight seal that prevents leaks and blockages throughout the critical drainage infrastructure.

Features & Benefits of Flexi Couplings

Our flexible drainage couplings are manufactured with advanced features:

  • Fitted Rubber Profile: The couplings' specially designed rubber profile ensures the clamps remain tightly in place during transportation and installation, minimising the risk of leaks or failures.
  • Reliable Sealing: The internal sealing features of our couplings create a tight and secure pipe connection, effectively preventing any water or wastewater leakage.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The EPDM sealing material allows our flexible couplings to provide a reliable seal even when connecting to rough surface pipes, such as those made from concrete.
  • Stainless Steel Bands: By using stainless steel fastening components instead of spot welding on the couplings, we've eliminated the negative impacts and potential points of failure associated with welded connections.
  • Engineered to Standards: Manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 16397, our flexible drainage couplings meet the highest industry quality and safety standards.

Flexi Drainage Couplings - Straight

Our straight flexible pipe couplings are the ideal solution for underground drainage systems where the additional reinforcement provided by a shear band is not required. Designed to provide a secure, watertight connection, these flexi couplings are perfectly suited for use in situations where the pipes are not subject to significant earth loads or shear forces.

Our standard straight flexible pipe couplings are available in 100mm, 150mm, 160mm and 180mm in diameter, and from 105mm to 200mm with metal wrapped body. This comprehensive selection ensures you can find the perfect fit for your specific drainage project, whether it involves connecting PVC pipes or interfacing with other common drainage materials like clay, salt glaze, supersleve, asbestos cement, or pitch fibre.

By eliminating the need for a shear band, our straight flexible couplings offer a streamlined and cost effective option for underground drainage installations. The flexible MDPE rubber construction allows the couplings to easily accommodate minor pipe misalignments, while still creating a durable, long-lasting seal that prevents leaks and maintains the integrity of the overall drainage system.

Flexi Drainage Couplings - Stepped

Flexible drainage adaptors are the essential solution for connecting pipes of different sizes and materials. These versatile connectors also allow you to securely interface pipes with other critical drainage infrastructure, such as manholes, inspection chambers, and septic tanks.

At the core of our flexible adaptors are two robust clamping bands positioned at either end. These bands create a tight, secure seal by clamping the moulded sleeves firmly onto the connected pipes. This innovative design ensures a watertight, durable join, even when transitioning between pipes of vastly different compositions, from traditional clay to contemporary PVC.

We offer a comprehensive range of flexi adaptors capable of bridging a wide variety of pipe size combinations. Whether you require a coupling to connect a 100mm pipe to a 150mm pipe, or need to interface a 160mm drainage line with a manhole, our adaptors provide a reliable solution.

By simplifying the process of joining dissimilar pipes and integrating drainage system components, our flexible adaptors play a crucial role in the successful installation and long-term performance of modern plumbing and wastewater management networks.

Flexi Plumbing Couplings

In addition to our range of flexible drainage couplings, we also offer a selection of both straight and adaptor plumbing couplings designed for smaller diameter, low-pressure applications. These versatile plumbing couplings make them an ideal solution for emergency repair situations, as they can be quickly and easily installed without the need for any specialised tools.

Similar to our regular drainage adaptor couplings, the plumbing adaptor variants allow you to seamlessly join two pipes of different diameters. This compatibility, combined with their flexible design, makes them a valuable asset when working with our extensive Solvent Weld, Pushfit, and Multifit Waste Systems.


You can find tips and advice on installing different types of drainage products in our Guides and Tips section below, and also more information on how to lay drainage pipes. If you are unable to find information or the products that you need, or you are in need of any other technical advice, please get in touch. 

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  1. Drainage Flexible Coupling Straight - 100mm - 115mm
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  2. Drainage Flexible Coupling Straight - 150mm -165mm
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  3. Drainage Flexible Coupling Straight - 160mm - 175mm
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  4. Drainage Flexible Coupling Straight - 180mm - 195mm
    1. Code MDC195
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  5. Drainage Flexible Coupling/ Adaptor Stepped - 108-122mm to 121-137mm
    1. Code D103
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  6. Drainage Flexible Coupling Stepped - 160mm - 180mm to 180mm - 200mm
    1. Code 6D104
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  7. Drainage Flexible Coupling/ Adaptor Stepped 170-192mm to 144-160mm
    1. Code MAC1924
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  8. Drainage Flexible Coupling Straight with Metal Wrapped Body - 120mm - 137mm
    1. Code MSC137
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  9. Plumbing Flexible Coupling Straight - 24mm - 32mm
    1. Code MDC32
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  10. Plumbing Flexible Coupling Straight - 32mm - 40mm
    1. Code MDC40
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  11. Plumbing Flexible Coupling Straight - 42mm - 50mm
    1. Code MDC50
    £9.28 £11.14 £10.31 £12.37 Save 10%
  12. Plumbing Flexible Coupling Straight - 55mm - 65mm
    1. Code MDC65
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  13. Plumbing Flexible Coupling Stepped - 40-50mm to 24-32mm
    1. Code MAC0501
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  14. Plumbing Flexible Coupling Stepped - 40-50mm to 32-40mm
    1. Code MAC0502
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