Steel Gutter - Galvanised

Our steel gutter system is made by renowned European manufacturer Galeco. The finish on our Galvanised Steel Guttering is a work of art that has been perfected using a six-stage process to ensure that is both attractive and long-lasting. The smooth, deep metallic sheen that is created by the addition of Chromium during the final stage of manufacture reduces the mottled effect usually associated with Galvanised Steel and provides a permanent, solid, compact layer which gives added protection. 


If you have never considered Steel Gutters before, why not take a quick look at our short introductory video.

You can also read more about the key features and benefits of steel guttering in our Guides & Tips section.


Unilke most other Steel Systems, our 135mm and 120mm Angles contain integral seals, meaning that you do not need an additional union to join the gutter to the angle. Also our unions come with the option of an integral fixing bracket, meaning less fascia brackets are required.


Our Steel Gutter comes with an industry-leading 35 year mechanical warranty and a 15 year warranty on the finish. Unlike other suppliers, We hold extensive stocks of all of the colours shown on our website, so we are able to offer quick and fuss-free delivery.


Our coloured Steel Gutters are made in a four stage process to ensure a first class finish. Galvanised Scandinavian steel is coated with Zinc, then a passivation layer followed by primer and then the final organic layer. In the case of the Galvanised finish option, a further extra polymer layer containing Chromium is applied, giving a smooth, luxurious finish which in our opinion looks far superior to all other Galvanised Steel gutter finishes on the market.


Fittings are cleverly engineered for both ease of installation and a clean, modern appearance. 70mm wide seals are incorporated into angles and unions. All angles in both the 100mm and 135mm systems contain seals to reduce the need for the additional unions that are ordinarily required with steel gutter angles, and there is the option of unions with fixing brackets, again a rarity for steel systems. The superbly engineered side rafter bracket is manufactured exclusively for the UK market, enabling the guttering to be fixed direct to the rafter.


Full and concise fixing instructions can be downloaded in our guides & tips section by clicking here. To protect the paint finish during transport and storage, Galeco Steel Gutters are covered with a protective film which should be removed just prior to installation - this will ensure that the finished product retains its deep lustre.

Alternatively please visit our Steel Gutters Guides & Tips section for more product reviews and comparisons, as well as PDF guides and videos.

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