Replacement Fascia - 18mm

Replacement Fascias, also referred to as "Jumbo Fascias", are used both in new build and refurbishment projects. PVC Cladding stock a variety of different styles, of which our most popular profile is the 18mm Fascia system which has a rounded bottom edge and can take in a Soffit board via incorporated grooves. Other alternative styles include Bull Nosed and decorative Ogee fascias, and also Flat Backed fascia boards which can be fixed direct to brickwork.

Features and Benefits of UPVC Replacement Fascia

Our UPVC Fascia Boards are manufactured by FloPlast and Freefoam, two of the top plastic manufacturers in the UK and Europe. Both of which boast a number of awards and certificates for quality and reliability which are backed up industry leading guarantees.

The Replacement Fascia Boards offer a virtually maintenance free roofline solution as their outer skins are resistant to climatic extremes and will not allow moisture to penetrate the core of the Board. This ensures that they will not deteriorate in the way that traditional timber fascia will, through rot or warping, and all these benefits come without the need for applying protective treatments or painting.

Much like timber, our UPVC Fascia Boards can be shaped, nailed, drilled and cut; however, unlike timber, they do not ignite easily and spread of flame is limited, and as a result have a Class 2Y fire rating.

Understanding PVC Fascia & Soffit

You will find the following video helpful if this is your first time working with PVC Fascia systems, as it gives a very brief overview of which elements of the system go where, including an explanation of the key terms that are used to describe each section.

Replacement Fascia Colour Finishes

We stock a range of seven different colours of PVC Fascia, with the most popular White, and four different Woodgrain style colours being Anthracite Grey, Black Ash, Golden Oak and Rosewood, as well as two smooth finish styles in Storm Grey and Dark Grey. These can all be found in our Standard 18mm Fascia range. Our OgeeBull Nosed and Flat Backed Fascias are currently available in white.

Guarantee of UPVC Fascia

The Replacement Fascia stocked carries a 10 year guarantee in relation to product performance and discolouration.

Is PVC Fascia Safe?

Our FloPlast fascia boards carry a Class 2Y surface spread of flame rating in accordance to BS 476-7: 1997. This means that although the spread-of-flame across the surface of PVC is limited, the material does tend to char and may fall away when exposed to fire. Freefoam fascia conforms to both Class 1 resistance to fire propagation and Class 1Y resistance to spread of flames specification requirements.

However, it is unlikely that the roof trim system will significantly affect the overall fire performance on any roof on which it is installed. Where it is normal practice to carry the eaves box over, between dwellings, it is important that the box is firestopped at compartment walls with a proprietary fire stop material.

Measuring PVC Fascias

We stock UPVC Fascia Boards in widths ranging from 150mm (6") up to 250mm (10"), however larger sizes are available so please contact us if so required. All our UPVC Fascia Boards are available as standard in 5m lengths. Watch our video below detailing how to measure up your fascia boards.

Installing Replacement Fascia

All Replacement Fascia Boards should be fixed to the rafter ends using 2 x 65mm Polytop nails located in line with each other vertically -  these fixings should be horizontally spaced no more than 600mm apart to ensure a secure installation. When installing any Woodgrain, Anthracite or Black boards these fixing centres should be reduced to a maximum distance of 400mm to allow for the additional expansion of coloured boards.

A wide range of instructional sheets and short videos like the ones above can found in our Fascia Installation section. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

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