Rectangular Ventilation Ducting

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Rectangular Duct or Flat Ventilation Duct is ideal for use in domestic installations, as well as in industrial or commercial buildings and halls where round elements are too bulky.

The system has been designed to be airtight when installed correctly, and efficient in smaller spaces or where it is required to provide a large amount of air, heat or cooling despite the small height of the duct.

This Monsoon rigid flat duct from reputable manufacturer National Ventilation is durable and lightweight thanks to its PVC construction, making it corrosion resistant and able to withstand higher temperatures. This makes the ventilation duct the perfect choice for a range of different installations and environments.

Monsoon is a well-established, high-quality system that has long been favoured by contractors and installers alike, and the system has been cleverly manufactured to ensure almost zero air leakage or pressure drop. It is highly efficient in terms of the energy required, adding value to any kitchen or bathroom installation.

It is available in all three system sizes, these being 110mm x 54mm, 204mm x 60mm and 220mm x 90mm.