Permeable Paving Cells

Permeable paving offers an innovative, low maintenance and easy to install solution to dealing with stormwater creating a grassed or gravel surface for parking or driving. The paving creates a permeable surface and allows water to infiltrate through the profile reducing stormwater runoff.

Permeable Surface With Minimal Maintenance

Nero Pave allows you to create a permeable grassed surface for parking or driving. It has a high load bearing capacity butt also protects vegetation from compaction. A high void ratio (95%) means lots of space for root development and stormwater infiltration meaning that surfaces installed with Nero Pave can reduce or eliminate the need for more traditional stormwater structures. 

Nero Pave also allows a permeable gravel surface for parking and driving. The structure of the paving provides the perfect containment of gravel meaning that extensively used parking surfaces can be maintenance free.

Strong structure and high load capacity

Nero Pave can support heavy loads up to 230 tonne per square metre making it suitable for all types of traffic and heavy loads. 

Nero Pave Root GrowthMulti-directional root growth and protection

Another benefit of the structure is that it facilitates grass root growth (unlike alternatives on the market). The unique hexagonal cut-outs and three dimensional open grid design allows for unrestricted lateral and vertical root development. This forms an interlockable grid effect once established.

The cell structure provides a protective casing around the grass nodule making regeneration quick and efficient. At the same time protection from compaction (due to pedestrian and vehicle traffic) is given to the root zone. This ensures that the surface looks natural. 

Used in Access Road Applications

Access lanes and fire roads also need to be constructed of a hard, all-weather surface capable of supporting the heaviest of emergency services vehicles and all its equipment. The high confined crush strength of our permeable paving offers a fast, economically feasible and proven solution to fire lanes and access lane construction.

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  1. Rainsmart Nero Cell Drainage Cell - 30mm
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  5. Rainsmart Nero Pave - 50mm - Pack of 8
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  6. Rainsmart Nero Pave - 50mm Permeable Paving
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  7. Rainsmart Nero Pave 24 SQM - Pack of 80
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