Inspection Chambers

Inspection chambers (sometimes called manhole chambers) play a vital role in ensuring the proper functioning and maintainability of underground drainage systems. They provide crucial access points for a variety of essential tasks, including:

  • Inspections: Visual inspection of the drainage system for signs of wear, damage, or blockages.
  • Cleaning: Utilising drain rods, high-pressure water jetting, or other cleaning equipment to remove debris and maintain clear flow paths.
  • Testing: Performing CCTV drainage surveys to assess the overall condition of the pipe network and identify potential problems.

Here at Drainage Sales, we recognise the importance of providing drainage professionals with a vast selection of underground chamber solutions. We offer both Complete Inspection Chamber Sets and Inspection Chamber Components with a variety of specialist drainage chamber solutions to address your specific needs.

Our Range of Inspection Chambers

We offer a curated range of pre-assembled drainage inspection chambers encompassing the most commonly encountered drainage system configurations. This selection is based on our extensive experience in the industry and caters to a wide array of project requirements. Each set includes a base, sectional risers with a seal, and a manhole cover that is specific to the required finish.

For projects demanding a more bespoke approach, we offer all the individual components that make up an inspection chamber from quality manufacturers FloPlast, ClarkDrain and Turtle Enviro. This allows for the customisation of chamber size, depth, and other features to perfectly suit your specific needs.

If you require a round or square cover, a deep or shallow invert, or a base or riser level invert, you can find what you need below. If you've got something specific in mind that we don't stock, just click here to get in touch with our team - we may be able to source it for you!

Inspection Chamber Structure and Components

An inspection chamber typically consists of the following key elements, which are included in our complete set or can be purchased separately:

  • Base: This forms the foundation of the chamber, with inlets and outlets moulded to securely connect with drainage pipes of various diameters.
  • Sectional Risers: These stackable components allow for customisation of the chamber depth to meet specific site requirements. Each riser incorporates a seal to ensure a watertight connection between sections. Additional risers can be readily added to achieve the necessary chamber depth for the project. The final riser can be precisely cut to ensure a flush fit with the ground surface, creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing installation.
  • Manhole Cover: The cover provides a secure closure at the top of the chamber, typically manufactured from robust materials like cast iron or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to withstand traffic loads (as per BS EN 124) and prevent unauthorised access. The specific cover type (round, square, etc.) is chosen based on the desired finish and load rating.

You can read more about what inspection chambers are and how they connect to your underground drainage system or watch an instructional video on the use of inspection chambers.

Additional Inspection Chamber Solutions

Beyond pre-configured sets and individual components, we offer a variety of specialist inspection chamber solutions to address specific needs:

  • Twinwall Inspection Chambers: These robust drain chambers are ideal for deep burial applications or areas requiring exceptional load-bearing capacity.
  • Inspection Chambers for Foul and Surface Water: Designed to handle the specific requirements of both foul drainage (wastewater) and surface water drainage systems.
  • Yard GulliesThese shallow access chambers are frequently used in paved areas to collect surface water runoff and channel it into the main drainage network.
  • Catchpit ChambersThese larger chambers are strategically positioned within the drainage system to capture debris and sediment, preventing blockages and ensuring optimal system performance.

Using Inspection Chambers At A Change of Direction

Within underground drainage networks, inspection chambers play a critical role in managing changes of direction for drainage pipes. British Standards (BS EN 13598) recommend the use of inspection chambers at all points where a drainage pipe changes direction by 30 degrees or more. This ensures the long-term functionality and maintainability of the drainage system by promoting efficient flow and facilitating essential maintenance activities.

Our drain chamber sets or individual components can be readily utilised to create the necessary access points for projects requiring inspection chambers at pipe changes of direction.

Click here to watch a video on how to set up the chamber for a change of pipe direction.

Inspection Chamber Installation Guide

For comprehensive information on inspection chamber selection, installation procedures, and detailed technical specifications, consulting industry standards and manufacturer guidelines are recommended. For more detailed instructions on what inspection chambers are and what they are used for, please visit our Guides and Tips section using the tab below, or contact us for further details.

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