Water Pipe Ducting

Water pipe ducting, also known as water duct, is a crucial component of plumbing systems, providing a safe and secure passage for water pipes underground. These ducts protect pipes from damage caused by external factors such as soil movement, vehicular traffic, and harsh weather conditions. Additionally, they facilitate easy access for maintenance and repairs, minimizing disruption to water supply services.

Our Water pipe ducting is constructed from durable material like high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material offers exceptional strength, resistance to corrosion and chemicals, and flexibility for maneuvering underground.

Applications of Water Pipe Ducting

Water pipe ducting finds widespread applications in various settings, including:

  • Municipal water supply networks: transporting water from treatment plants to distribution networks, ensuring a reliable supply to residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

  • Residential plumbing systems: connecting water mains to individual homes, providing a protected pathway for water pipes.

  • Irrigation systems: distributing water to agricultural fields and landscaped areas, optimizing irrigation efficiency and preventing damage to pipes.

  • Industrial water supply: transporting water to industrial facilities for various processes, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted supply.

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  1. Drawcord - 220mtr Roll
    1. Code DRAWCORD
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    £18.72 £22.46
  2. Drawcord - 500mtr Drum
    1. Code DRAWCORD500
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    £38.09 £45.71
  3. Duct Coupler - 40mm
    1. Code DUCTC40
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    £1.78 £2.14
  4. Duct Coupler - 50mm
    1. Code DUCTC50
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    £2.32 £2.78
  5. Duct Coupler - 63mm
    1. Code DUCTC63
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    £3.60 £4.32
  6. Duct Coupler - 110mm
    1. Code DUCTC110
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    £5.00 £6.00
  7. Twinwall Utility Duct Coupler - 150mm
    1. Code UDC150
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    £4.91 £5.89
  8. Twinwall Utility Duct Bend - 15 Degree x 94mm For all Colours

    ON BACK ORDER - Please contact us for availability and alternatives

    1. Code UDB9415
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    £8.46 £10.15
  9. Duct Hockey Stick - 32mm (I.D.)
    1. Code D32HS
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    £9.20 £11.04
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Items 1-18 of 26