Inspection Channels

You may want to create a linear access channel within your tank in order to give you a greater control in the maintenance of your tank. This channel can then be used to catch any sediment or debris that enters the tank. The channel can then be flushed out and cleaned.

A row of crates can be used in order to isolate an area within your system which will collect any debris or sediment and prevent it from entering the main tank. 

Utilising Inspection Plates

The inspection row can be created with the use of inspection plates. These plates can be used in place of small plates within the row of the channel and across the whole of the tank.

This clear access channel will allow for continual and future maintenance by providing total linear access. Each end should be accessed via an inspection chamber or shaft. 

The channels, which should be wrapped in a non-permeable geotextile fabric allows water to pass from the inspection row into the main system but stops sediment passing.

While the inspection row will allow stormwater to flow both vertically and horizontally out of the modules any sediment will be captured which can then later be flushed out.

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