Pushfit Waste System

The polypropylene pushfit waste system offers convenience and simplicity for all plumbing needs. With a straightforward pushfit mechanism, featuring a captive ring seal within the fitting, installation is made easy. Simply push the pipe into the fitting, and the joint is securely made, saving you time and effort.

Our push fit waste pipes and fittings are manufactured to the BS EN 1455-1:2000 / BS 5255 standards by FloPlast, a leading UK provider of Above and Below Ground Drainage & Guttering solutions. The polypropylene waste pipes are designed for superior performance and longevity.

To cater to diverse installation requirements, our push fit waste range is available in three versatile colour options: White (32mm & 40mm), Grey (all sizes), and Black (32mm & 40mm).

If you're unsure about the differences between push fit and solvent weld waste systems, we invite you to watch our insightful 2-minute Video Guide for a comprehensive understanding.

Choosing the Correct Waste Pipe Sizes

When selecting the appropriate push fit waste pipe size, consider the following guidelines:

  • 32mm Push Fit Waste Pipe: For washbasins, vanity basins, and standard urinals, the 32mm push-fit waste pipe is the suitable choice, ensuring efficient drainage for these fixtures.
  • 40mm Push Fit Waste Pipe: Recommended for installations involving baths, showers, kitchen sinks, washing machines, and dishwashers. Additionally, some commercial urinals may require the use of a 40mm push-fit waste pipe.
  • 50mm Push Fit Waste Pipe: In situations where multiple pipe runs converge or for commercial applications with larger flow volumes, the 50mm push fit waste pipe is the optimal solution. Its larger diameter accommodates the increased drainage demands of these installations.

By selecting the correct push fit pipe size based on the specific application, you can ensure proper waste management and prevent potential clogs or backups in your plumbing system.

Installing Push Fit Waste Pipe

The installation of push fit waste pipes is a relatively simple process that requires attention to a few key steps:

  • First, ensure that the pipe is cut squarely and cleanly, with no sharp edges or burrs. Carefully inspect and clean the cut end and remove any debris or obstructions.
  • Next, push the pipe firmly into the fitting, applying sufficient force to create a secure connection. It's essential to leave a 10mm gap between the adjoining pipes to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction. This expansion gap ensures the system's longevity and prevents potential leaks or damage.
  • If you plan to use pipe clips for added support, follow the recommended spacing guidelines. For vertical runs, position the clips every 1.2 m, while for horizontal runs, space them at intervals of 500mm or less. Proper clip spacing helps maintain the system's alignment and prevents sagging or excessive stress on the joints.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions and local plumbing codes for a successful and compliant installation. With the right techniques and precautions, push-fit waste pipes offer a convenient and reliable solution for your drainage needs.

Compatibility of Pushfit Waste System

Our push fit waste system from Floplast is compatible with other brands, however, for optimal performance and compatibility, we strongly recommend using push fit systems from a single manufacturer. Mixing and matching components from different manufacturers may lead to improper fitting or leakage issues.

If you need to connect to another system, our multi fit compression system is the ideal solution. This versatile system offers greater tolerance, allowing for seamless connections between different types of plastic materials and most metals.

It's important to note that push fit waste pipes or fittings are not compatible with our ABS Solvent Weld System. The solvent weld system requires the use of specialised solvent cement to create permanent, watertight joints between pipes and fittings. Attempting to weld push fit components to the solvent weld system may compromise the integrity of the installation.

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