Hollow Soffit Boards - 10mm Anthracite Grey Woodgrain

As with all our PVC Hollow Soffit colours, the Anthracite range is available in a 300mm wide profile with interlockable boards. Ideally coupled either with our Anthracite PVC Fascia Boards or our Anthracite PVC Cover Boards provide a good quality, resilient finish at an excellent price.

The cleverly designed tongue and groove system allows you to join the hollow soffit boards together, enabling you to cover wider gaps or to use the board in short lengths running back from the fascia to the wall. We also stock hollow soffit boards in a variety of other colours, including white, golden oak and rosewood. 

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  1. Hollow Soffit Board - 300mm x 10mm x 5mtr Anthracite Grey Woodgrain
    1. Code H300WA
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    3. Size 300mm
    £22.58 £27.10
  2. Plastic Headed Pins - 40mm Anthracite Grey - Box of 250
    1. Code TT40AGG
    2. Brand Seac
    3. Size 40mm
    £17.11 £20.53
  3. Plastix 22A Silicon - 300ml Anthracite Grey
    1. Code SKPLAS22AANTH
    2. Brand Everbuild
    £5.60 £6.72
  4. Fix All Mitre Kit - Clear Superglue 50g + 200ml Activator
    1. Code SOU115103
    2. Brand Soudal
    3. Size 50g/200ml
    £3.75 £4.50
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6 Items