Cast Iron Pipes and Fittings

We offer a wide range of premium Halifax cast iron drainage from Hargreaves Foundry, a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality cast iron drainage products for above and below ground applications. The Halifax Drain system features a socketless, mechanically jointed design that simplifies installation and reduces ongoing maintenance requirements. It is designed to minimise installation difficulties and maintenance costs over its lifetime, making it a "fit and forget" system.

Our cast iron drainage products provide all the benefits of conventional cast iron systems but also offer significant savings on installation costs due to modern jointing techniques that employ ductile iron, stainless steel, or push-fit couplings.

The Halifax Drain and Soil systems are fully compliant with BS EN 877:1999 + A1:2006 Incorporating Corrigendum 2008. It has been rigorously tested and certificated by BSI Kitemark (Cert No. KM 684754) and BBA (Cert No. 06/4401), guaranteeing exceptional quality and performance.

The Halifax system also has a two-part epoxy coating - the exterior is red for above-ground applications and grey for below-ground. The interior of the Halifax Drain pipes are lined with a two-part grey epoxy finish, which provides improved performance when exposed to aggressive substances. The Halifax Drain coatings have been extensively tested and proven to be resistant to a variety of aggressive substances, including salt spray, wastewater, hot water cycling, acidic solutions (pH 2), and alkaline solutions (pH 12).

What are the Benefits of Using Cast Iron Drain Pipe?

  • High Strength: Manufactured from high-grade cast iron, these pipes offer unparalleled resistance to high pressure and corrosion. This makes them the ideal choice for a wide range of drainage applications.
  • Exceptional Lifespan: With proper installation and maintenance, Halifax Drain systems can last well over 100 years.
  • Durable Paint Finish: The specially formulated paint finish offers exceptional resistance to harsh substances, ensuring long-lasting aesthetics and performance.
  • Minimal Maintenance: The inherent strength of cast iron, coupled with the high-quality surface coating, creates a low-maintenance and cost-effective drainage solution over the entire building lifecycle.
  • Sustainable Material: Cast iron is entirely recyclable and boasts extremely low waste at the end of its lifespan, making it an eco-friendly option.
  • Adaptability: The system can be easily modified to accommodate future building changes, keeping whole-life costs down.
  • High-Pressure Couplings: The system's high-pressure couplings are ideal for use in high-rise buildings.

What Size is Cast Iron Drain Pipe?

Our Halifax Drain cast iron drainage system is available in three standard pipe diameters: 100mm (4 inches), 150mm (6 inches), and 200mm (8 inches). These sizes can accommodate a wide range of project requirements, from smaller residential installations to larger commercial and industrial developments.

All of our cast iron pipes are manufactured in 3-meter lengths, providing flexibility during installation to easily cut and fit the pipes as needed to suit the specific layout and dimensions of the project.

In addition to the pipe sizes, we also offer a comprehensive range of cast iron fittings, including bends, branches, access doors, puddle flanges, and other accessories like ratchet spanners, brackets, and more, to help you complete your whole project.

Installation of Cast Iron Drain Pipe

The innovative jointing techniques of our Halifax Drain cast iron drainage make installation quicker and easier compared to traditional cast iron systems. The uniformity of our cast iron pipes also allows them to be cut at any point while still maintaining a secure seal with the specialised Halifax couplings.

For more detailed information on installing our cast iron drainage systems and how to cut cast iron drain pipes, please check out our Guides & Tips section.

How Much Fall Does A Cast Iron Drain Pipe Need?

Maintaining the proper gradient is key to ensuring the self-cleaning action and optimal performance of your Halifax Drain system. For flows less than 1 litre/second, we generally recommend gradients of 1 in 40 for 100mm pipes and 1 in 60 for 150mm pipes. However, it's important to note that the gradient should never be less than 1 in 80 for 100mm pipes and 1 in 150 for 150mm pipes.

How Long Do Cast Iron Drain Pipes Last?

Cast iron drain pipes are renowned for their exceptional durability and longevity. When properly installed and maintained, cast iron drainage systems can last in excess of 100 years.

The inherent strength and corrosion resistance of cast iron, combined with high-quality protective coatings, make these pipes extremely resistant to weathering, chemical attack, and physical damage over time. Unlike some other materials, cast iron does not degrade or lose structural integrity, ensuring a long service life for the pipe system.

How To Connect Cast Iron Drain Pipe?

The Halifax Drain cast iron drainage system is designed with versatility in mind, ensuring seamless integration with a variety of equivalent pipe materials and sizes. Our standard couplings are engineered to accommodate connections between the Halifax Drain pipes and products from other manufacturers, provided the external diameters are compatible.

For instance, a 110mm plastic pipe can be easily joined to our 100mm Halifax Drain cast iron pipe (model HD4001) using a 100mm Halifax Drain Ductile Iron Coupling (model HD4012). The shared outer diameter allows for a secure, watertight connection, enabling you to effortlessly incorporate the Halifax Drain system into projects involving mixed piping materials.

For any further questions or to discuss your project requirements, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts.

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