Shed Gutter Packs

Garden Sheds, Beach Huts and Summer Houses - they all have roofs that are designed with water run-off in mind, whatever their shape, size or colour. However very few sheds are supplied with any guttering, meaning that all of the rainwater runs straight off of the roof and lands at the foot of the structure. This inevitably leads to water staining from splash marks and, in due course, rotting of the bottom timbers of the shed. Many of our customers now fit FloPlast's MiniFlo Guttering system to their sheds and outbuildings, and to make this task even easier we have created a range of Mini Gutter Shed Packs to suit all of the popular standard shed sizes.

For an overview of what goes into a Shed Gutter pack, please click here to watch a short video.

Our shed packs, available in BlackWhite and Brown, utilise the popular 75mm MiniFlo Gutter system along with a 50mm Downpipe.

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