Sewage Treatment Plants Tanks and Pumping Stations

Our range of Sewage Treatment Plants and Pumping Stations are used to collect the outflow of waste from drainage systems and either clean it (Sewage Treatment Plants) or move it via a pump uphill (Pumping Station) via a rising pipe which is connected to the mains sewer.

We also have a range of Oil & Diesel tanks for domestic and commercial storage. 

Using your Sewage Treatment Plant

Our Sewage Treatment Plants are there to collect the outflow of waste from household foul drainage systems (WC's, kitchens, bathrooms etc) and usually separate it into two chambers, solid and liquid. The liquid chamber is then treated using a variety of chemical (depending on the specific system) - helpful bacteria is stimulated which "cleans" the effluent. This "cleaned" liquid, which is generally around 95% clean water. can then be returned to a ditch or natural watercourse. The remaining sludge is then removed from the chamber by a specialist company on a regular basis as required.

Pumped & Gravity Fed Sewage Treatment Plant

Most of our Sewage Treatment Plants have either a gravity fed or pumped option for disposing of the cleaned water. With our Graf & Clearwater plants and optional pump acan also be purchased for use with the standard gravity outlet plant. 

Sizing Your Foul Water Treatment Plant

The size of Sewage Treatment Plant needed is dependent on the amount of persons living at the property or properties that are served by the plant. Often the treatment plant will be connected to a number of common properties, so we currently offer systems that are up to 55 person occupancy.

Pumping Stations

Pumping Stations are used when gravity drainage is unable to be installed on site meaning the waste or surface water needs to be pumped from one place to the nearest gravity drain. A common use is to take surplus water from or to an attenuation tank where gravity is not an option. 

Our packaged Pump Stations are manufactured by Turtle Envio and typically consist of an underground storage chamber fitted with either a single or twin pumps which can come in varying diameters from 600mm to 3000mm.

PLEASE NOTE - If you don't have offload facilities onsite, please contact us so we can arrange for a suitable vehicle to be sent (this may incur an extra cost).

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