Geotextile and Membranes

Our geotextile membrane range features woven, impermeable, non-woven and damp proof membranes made from various materials such as polypropylene or polyester.

A significant part of our catalogue is provided by TCS Geotechnics, whose products are particularly designed to have construction and civil engineering projects in mind.

The woven options by TCS Geotechnics offer lightweight fabrics to middle or high-strength materials which are safe to use and resistant to natural attacks from soil and microbes. They also provide a separating layer and help reinforce aggregate layers in civil engineering. Non-woven options provide excellent separation, filtration and protection functions through thermally treated or mechanically bonded membranes; these membranes help with waterflow and filtration, and are indispensable in any projects where clogging soakaways or land drains might become an issue.

We also offer damp proof and impermeable membranes, providing different solutions regarding issues of moisture. We recommend you consider impermeable geotextile membranes if you are seeking to retain water or prevent an entrance of water within a space.

Our Damp Proof Membranes are offered either in 1000 gauge (250 Micron thick) and 1200 gauge (300 Micron). We recommend our clients use the 1200 gauge in applications where there will be more wear and tear.

While they’re most commonly used in building foundations to provide barriers for moisture, we also recommend that Damp Proof Membranes are used in projects where sustainability is a strong consideration as they prevent moisture transmission into porous construction materials. This is an imperative step in any construction that prioritises sustainability, as it will help materials last as long as possible, and significantly decrease damage from water and the ground. It is also a required prerequisite when using porous materials to prevent damp, whether they be traditional like concrete, or environmentally friendly like cellulose.

Our products are made from recycled polythene materials and have been PIFA standard and BBA accredited.

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  1. Polypropylene Impermeable Membrane - 1mm x 2mtr x 40mtr Roll
    1. Code LLDP-2X40
    £561.23 £673.48 £701.54 £841.85 Save 20%
  2. Polypropylene Impermeable Membrane - 1mm x 2mtr x 20mtr Roll
    1. Code LLDP-2X20
    £292.92 £351.50 £366.15 £439.38 Save 20%
  3. Geotextile Membrane - 4.5mtr x 100mtr Roll
    1. Code GEOTEX
    £128.73 £154.48 £160.91 £193.09 Save 20%
  4. LLDPE Impermeable Membrane - 1mm x 2mtr x 50mtr Roll
    1. Code LLDPE250
    £494.77 £593.72 £618.46 £742.15 Save 20%
  5. LLDPE Impermeable Membrane - 1mm x 2mtr x 25mtr Roll
    1. Code LLDPE225
    £257.23 £308.68 £321.54 £385.85 Save 20%
  6. Geotextile Protection Fleece - 2mtr x 50mtr Roll
    1. Code TNW300D
    £172.30 £206.76 £215.38 £258.46 Save 20%
  7. Geotextile Protection Fleece - 4.5mtr x 100mtr Roll
    1. Code TNW3000
    £744.62 £893.54 £930.77 £1,116.92 Save 20%
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12 Items