Halifax Cast Iron Soil System

Halifax Soil is a comprehensive range of socketless pipes and fittings which we supply in 100 and 150mm, which are used for internal soil, waste and rainwater drainage. The range is BBA certified and manufactured to BS-EN 877 standards. The cast iron has an excellent longevity, and is finished in a long lasting red epoxy coating. The system has many benefits such as being exceptionally strong compared to other soil pipe materials, and also has sound-deadening properties to keep noise levels to a minimum, making it ideal for commercial or public settings.


Halifax can be used anywhere that a PVC soil pipe would go, but due to both the comprehensiveness and the unique benefits of cast iron it is more often used in commercial and public areas. The most common uses are listed below:

  • Multi-Storey Car Parks
  • Schools, Hospitals and other Public Buildings
  • High Rise Offices, Hotel Developments and Apartments
  • Bridge Drainage when exposed
  • Retail and Commercial Units


When installed and maintained correctly Halifax Soil systems can last in excess of 100 years, often outlasting the structure in which it is installed. In addition to this, cast iron is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. As well as this, cast iron requires little ongoing maintenance; annual inspections are recommended but upkeep work is rarely necessary. 


There are two main types of connectors for the Halifax system: the Steel Max Coupling, which provides a simple single-screw design which is the quickest jointing method for the system, and comes in a galvanised steel finish; and the Ductile Iron Coupling, which comes in the same red finish as the pipework.  Please click here to download jointing instructions for both types of joiner. Both types of joiner will provide electrical continuity as standard when correctly installed. 


Halifax can be connected to PVC Above Ground systems, and by extension PVC Drainage if required, using the HS4002 and HS6002 Steel Max couplings, or the HS4012 and HS6012 Ductile Iron Coupling if a continuous finish is preferred. For more details including information on making connections to waste pipes or clay drainage please read our Halifax Connections Leaflet. 


Cast Iron is a very heavy system and so the right support is needed to ensure it is installed correctly. We recommend that you refer to our Pipework Support Instruction Sheet to ake sure you know exactly what you need to keep everything safe and secure.


For detailed product specifications for all products in the Halifax range a full technical catalogue can be downloaded here. If you have any other questions or require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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