Inspection and Cleaning

While soakaway crates provide efficient stormwater management solutions, maintaining their performance over time requires proper inspection and cleaning. We understand the importance of preserving the longevity and functionality of your drainage system. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of products designed specifically for inspecting and cleaning soakaway systems.

Our inspection and cleaning solutions include:

  • Silt Traps: These specialised traps are designed to capture and remove silt, sediment, and other debris from the drainage system, preventing them from clogging the soakaway crates and impeding water flow.
  • Siltbloks: Siltbloks are innovative devices that effectively filter out silt and sediment, ensuring cleaner water enters the soakaway system. They are easy to install and maintain, providing a reliable solution for protecting your investment.
  • Inspection Channels: Inspection channels allow for linear access to the soakaway system, enabling regular inspections and maintenance. These channels act as a dedicated pathway for capturing sediments and debris that may enter the tank. They also allow for efficient flushing and cleaning, ensuring the removal of any accumulated materials.
  • Plot Attenuation: Plot attenuation systems provide temporary water storage, reducing the strain on the soakaway system during periods of heavy rainfall. This helps prevent overloading and ensures efficient drainage.
  • Catchpit Chambers: Catchpit chambers are strategically placed to intercept and collect debris and sediments transported by stormwater runoff. These chambers also serve as access points for inspection and cleaning, making maintenance easier and more efficient.

Our range of inspection and cleaning products is designed to complement our soakaway systems, ensuring a comprehensive solution for effective stormwater management and long-lasting drainage systems.


To ensure optimal performance of your soakaway system, it is highly recommended to install a silt trap as a pre-filter. Regularly emptying the filter can help maintain the efficiency of the soakaway and extend its lifespan significantly.

The choice of silt trap depends on the size of your soakaway. We offer options suitable for small to medium-sized soakaway systems, as well as larger tanks or areas with heavy silt and sand. These traps effectively prevent 99% of sediment from entering the drainage and storage system.

For further details on silt traps, you can watch our introductory video or download the Silt Sentinel brochure in PDF format.


Engineers and designers often express concerns about potential sediment and silt accumulation over time, as well as the challenge of flushing out modular systems. Our soakaway designs incorporate at least one access chamber and linear access via a channel within the tank installation for cleaning purposes.

During installation, ensure that one channel, where the drainage pipe will be connected, is enveloped in an additional layer of impermeable geotextile membrane. This membrane should cover the bottom and sides but not the top of the channel. While water can freely exit through this channel, the membrane prevents unwanted sediment from dispersing into the main tank.

Access to this channel is facilitated through an inspection chamber. From there, you can utilise a jet spray to clear out or vacuum any undesired residue.

For more guidance on cleaning your soakaway, refer to our article on preventing a blocked soakaway, or feel free to reach out to us directly regarding your specific project needs.

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