Half Round Gutter - Black

Our Black Half Round Gutter is manufactured by FloPlast, the market leader in the UK. 

Black Half Round has traditionally been the most popular choice of PVC gutter systems since it was introduced in the late 1960s as a replacement for Cast Iron.  At that time, many Victorian gutter systems had fallen into disrepair and the PVC manufacturers did an excellent job of selling the benefits of plastic – it is free-flowing, lightweight and most importantly, maintenance-free.

Black is still seen as the traditional colour for gutters, and it does continue to look particularly effective when fitted to white UPVC Fascia boards.

Our Half Round Gutters also come in white, grey and brown. If you are looking for something a little more original, why not consider our Steel Gutters which are available in a range of colours including black?

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  1. Gutter Universal Top Rafter Bracket
    1. Code RR1
    2. Brand FloPlast
    £3.12 £3.74
  2. Gutter Universal Side Rafter Bracket
    1. Code RR2
    2. Brand FloPlast
    £3.18 £3.82
  3. Universal Gutter Rise & Fall Bracket
    1. Code RF1
    2. Brand FloPlast
    £6.02 £7.22
  4. Half Round Gutter Angle - 135 Degree x 112mm Black - OUT OF STOCK
    OUT OF STOCK - item will be despatched when stock is received.
    1. Code RA2B
    2. Brand FloPlast
    £3.68 £4.42
  5. Leaf and Debris Gully - 110mm
    1. Code D94G
    2. Brand Galeco
    £13.74 £16.49
  6. Round Downpipe - 68mm x 2.5mtr Black
    1. Code RP2.5B
    2. Brand FloPlast
    £5.67 £6.80
  7. Round Downpipe - 68mm x 4mtr Black
    1. Code RP4B
    2. Brand FloPlast
    £8.81 £10.57
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Items 1-18 of 43