MDPE Pipes

We supply a wide range of MDPE water pipe and gas pipes, including standard domestic products, barrier pipes for use in contaminated land, and larger coil sizes for commercial projects. Our standard range of MDPE pipes are available in a wide variety of sizes and diameters with fittings to suit.

We stock blue water pipe and black MDPE water pipe sizes from 20mm to 63mm, with larger sizes also available to order. 20mm, 25mm and 32mm diameters are available in plain end coil lengths of 25m, 50m, 100m and 150m. 50mm and 63mm are available in coil lengths of up to 100m. Our yellow gas pipe is manufactured from high quality MDPE and is available in 25mm and 32mm coils.


Our MDPE pipe is manufactured in the UK to British Standard 6572:1985 and is WRAS approved.  WRAS is the Water Regulations Advisory Service, an independent body that works with the UK government to encourage enforcement of Water Regulations and to test materials and fittings to ensure that they meet the specifications demanded by the Water Regulators.

To complement our MDPE Pipe we also supply a wide range of compression MDPE fittings designed and manufactured under ISO9001:2000 and WRAS approved.


Most Water Authorities now specify that the water main is the responsibility of the householder at the point where it crosses the boundary of the property – the garden and not the external wall of the house, as used to be the case. It is therefore crucial to ensure that any water main installation or repair is made using the best quality materials correctly installed.

For brownfield sites where there is likely to be contaminated soil we also supply a WRC approved barrier pipe, which contains a central aluminium sleeve layer that protects the water supply against any chemical ingress.

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