Channel Drains

We offer a comprehensive selection of channel drains tailored to suit various applications. Our range spans from pedestrian-friendly channel drains suitable for driveways and patios to robust commercial-grade systems designed for heavy-duty use.

All our channel drainage systems are sourced from trusted manufacturers like Clark-Drain and Floplast, ensuring quality and reliability.

For a more in-depth understanding of each type of channel drain within our product range, you can explore the detailed subsections provided below. We also recommend watching our informative video that outlines the residential channel drain options and demonstrates the proper connection methods to integrate the channel drain with underground drainage systems.


Channel drains play a pivotal role in the wider drainage system, serving as a key element in surface water management. Typically, these drains feature a robust preformed channel crafted from either durable polypropylene or heavy-duty polymer concrete. A top grating is incorporated to effectively filter out large debris, ensuring uninterrupted flow. For seamless integration with underground drainage infrastructure, the channels are equipped with end caps and outlets that connect directly to 110mm Underground Drainage Pipes.

Channel drains are designed to quickly and efficiently remove surface water from impermeable surfaces such as concrete, pavement, and tarmac. Without this drainage solution, these surfaces could become susceptible to flooding, posing risks to infrastructure and safety.

Often termed as drainage channels or surface drainage, these systems are engineered with a high water carrying capacity. Operating solely on gravitational force, it's important to install them at locations where water naturally flows, such as the base of slopes or inclines.

The effective removal of excess surface water aids in flood prevention, lessening pressure on the environment and other water management infrastructure. We offer an extensive range of channel drain units tailored to various load ratings, ensuring optimal performance and suitability for diverse project needs.


  • Class A15: Designed for pedestrian areas like patios, these drains can withstand up to 1.5 tonnes, making them ideal for foot traffic zones.
  • Class B125: With a capacity to support up to 12.5 tonnes, these drains are perfect for residential driveways, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Class C250: Stepping up from B125, these drains can manage weights of up to 25 tonnes, suitable for commercial car parks and roadways.
  • Class D400: Engineered for main roads, these drains can endure vehicle loads up to 40 tonnes, accommodating cars, vans, and lorries.
  • Class E600: Tailored for industrial settings, these heavy-duty drains can bear weights up to 60 tonnes, commonly used in loading bays and industrial yards.
  • Class F900: The pinnacle of strength, these drains are capable of supporting weights up to 90 tonnes, predominantly used in expansive commercial settings like airports and docks.


For further insights and guidance on channel drains, venture over to our Knowledge Hub and discover a range of articles covering FAQs such as:

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  1. Lite Aqua Channel Drain Galvanised Grating Class A15 - 1mtr
    1. Code AQ10DCH1AGS8
    2. Brand Polycon
    £7.94 £9.53
  2. Channel Drainage Shallow Depth Class A15 - 1mtr
    1. Code CLKS410
    2. Brand Clark-Drain
    £15.00 £18.00
  3. Channel Drainage Polymer Concrete Class A15 - 1mtr
    1. Code CDCS10.10
    2. Brand Clark-Drain
    £19.61 £23.53
  4. Lite Aqua Channel Drain Composite Grating Class A15 - 1mtr
    1. Code AQ10DCH1ACM207
    2. Brand Polycon
    £6.64 £7.97
  5. Lite Aqua Channel Drain Ductile Iron Grating Class B125 - 1mtr
    1. Code AQ10DCH1BDIDS6
    2. Brand Polycon
    £27.67 £33.20
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Items 1-18 of 70