Channel Drains

We supply a wide range of channel drains, from pedestrian loading channel drainage for use on driveways and patios right the way up to heavy-duty commercial systems.

Our channel drainage is supplied by reputable UK manufacturers such as ClarkDrain and Floplast.  

There is more detailed information on each type of drainage channel in the subsections of this product range below, but as an introduction to the range why not take a brief look at our video which explains the domestic options available and how to connect the channel drain to the underground drainage system.


All Channel Drains consist of a preformed channel made from either strong polypropylene or heavy polymer concrete, with a grating that sits on the top to prevent large debris from entering the channel. End caps and end or bottom outlets connect the channels to 110mm Underground Drainage Pipe.

The main purpose of channel drains is to remove surface water, and they're commonly installed along concreted, paved or tarmacked areas, as these surfaces are impermeable and would be more prone to flooding without the defence of channel drainage.

Channel drains, which are often referred to as drainage channels, have a high water carrying capacity, but they work exclusively using gravity - so they should be installed at a point where surface water moves towards, such as at the bottom of a hill.

This removal of excess surface water assists in flood prevention, reducing the stress being applied to the environment and other water management systems. We can supply a wide range of units in a variety of load ratings to support your specific project.

What are the different channel drain load ratings?

  • Class A15 – pedestrian loading, commonly used on patios and other areas that are subject to foot traffic. They can support a load of up to 1.5 tonnes.
  • Class B125 – driveway loading, designed support a load of up to 12.5 tonnes and are therefore perfect for use on residential driveway applications.
  • Class C250 – car park loading, a slight step up from the B125 drains that have the ability to take a weight of 25 tonnes, making them suitable for use in commercial car parks or road applications.
  • Class D400 – main road loading, these channel drains are manufactured to be used on main roads where they will be driven over by cars, vans and lorries. They can support a load of up to 40 tonnes.
  • Class E600 – industrial vehicle loading, these heavy duty channel drains are most often used in industrial applications such as cargo loading bays or yards and can take a weight load of 60 tonnes.
  • Class F900 – airport & docks loading, F900 rated channel drains are the strongest of them all, having the integrity to support weights of up to 90 tonnes. Due to their extreme strength, they are often used in huge commercial applications such as airports or docks.

Need further help with drainage channels?

Check out our articles below for more in-depth information on specific elements of the channel drain system.

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  1. Lite Aqua Channel Drain Galvanised Grating Class A15 - 1mtr
    1. Code AQ10DCH1AGS8
    2. Brand Polycon
    £7.94 £9.53
  2. Channel Drainage Shallow Depth Class A15 - 1mtr
    1. Code CLKS410
    2. Brand Clark-Drain
    £15.00 £18.00
  3. Channel Drainage Polymer Concrete Class A15 - 1mtr
    1. Code CDCS10.10
    2. Brand Clark-Drain
    £19.61 £23.53
  4. Lite Aqua Channel Drain Composite Grating Class A15 - 1mtr
    1. Code AQ10DCH1ACM207
    2. Brand Polycon
    £6.64 £7.97
  5. Lite Aqua Channel Drain Ductile Iron Grating Class B125 - 1mtr
    1. Code AQ10DCH1BDIDS6
    2. Brand Polycon
    £27.67 £33.20
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Items 1-18 of 70