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Inspection Chambers

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Inspection Chamber Structure

The inspection chamber itself is comprised of a base, sectional risers with a seal, and a manhole cover that is specific to the required finish.

Additional risers may be added if required, and the last riser can be cut to size to ensure a perfect match with ground level.

You can read more about what inspection chambers are and how they connect in your underground drainage system or watch an instructional video on the use of inspection chambers.

Using Inspection Chambers at a change of direction

When a drainage pipe changes direction by 30° or more, an inspection chamber should be used. Click here to watch a video on how to set up the chamber for a change of pipe direction.

Types of Inspection Chambers

As chambers are used in a variety of different situations in your drainage system, we think it's only right that we should offer you a choice.

Unlike most merchants who offer two types of chamber, Drainage Sales stock nine different chamber options, in addition to various sectional parts.

So whether you require a round or square cover, a deep or shallow invert, internal or external use, you can find what you need in the list below if you can't, just give us a call on 01206 931404 - the chances are we can make one up for you!

Inspection Chamber Installation Guide

For more detailed instructions on what inspection chambers are and what they are used for please visit our Guides and Tips section using the tab below, or contact us for further details.

300mm Mini Inspection Chamber Complete

Code: D300MH1

£46.15 ex.VAT
From 8 reviews

300mm Mini Inspection Chamber Set Block Paving

Code: M300MH2

£74.61 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

300mm Mini Inspection Level Invert Chamber Complete

Code: D300MH5

£51.40 ex.VAT

250mm Level Invert Mini Inspection Chamber Set

Code: M300MH4

£63.80 ex.VAT

300mm Mini Inspection Chamber Complete Double Sealed

Code: DMH3005

£63.80 ex.VAT

300mm Mini Inspection Chamber Set Internal Use

Code: D300MH3

£97.31 ex.VAT

450mm Inspection Chamber With Polyprop Cover

Code: 450MH1

£55.64 ex.VAT
From 8 reviews

450mm Inspection Chamber Set with Square Cover

Code: D450MH3

£102.74 ex.VAT

450mm Inspection Chamber Set with Block Pavior Lid

Code: D450MH4

£91.93 ex.VAT

Inspection Chamber Blanking Plug

Code: CD454

£2.75 ex.VAT

300mm Chamber Base 3 Fixed Inlets

Code: D810

£12.60 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

300mm x 100mm Chamber Riser

Code: D820

£7.52 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

300mm x 200mm Chamber Riser

Code: D822

£13.95 ex.VAT

250mm Level Invert Chamber Base and Riser (One-piece)

Code: UCC7

£42.97 ex.VAT

450mm Chamber Base

Code: D910

£35.43 ex.VAT

160mm Drainage Chamber Base

Code: 6D900

£37.85 ex.VAT

450mm Inspection Chamber Riser

Code: D916

£22.75 ex.VAT
From 3 reviews

Circular Chamber Reducing Ring

Code: CLKS499

£18.80 ex.VAT

Yard Gully

Code: GULLY300

£38.19 ex.VAT

Silt Bucket


£42.11 ex.VAT
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