Multi Fit Compression Waste Tee - 40mm

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Waste tees are to connect a section of waste pipe into an existing pipe run. The tee is swept to ensure that the new section flows into the main run in the correct direction of flow. In most kitchen and bathroom applications the branch section drops into a main pipe

This fitting is available in 32mm and 40mm size options.

This compression waste system is manufactured in the UK to BS EN 1451. It is commonly used to connect waste pipes of differing materials or those made by different manufacturers.

When making a compression joint, cut the pipe square and remove any burrs. Unscrew the nut from the fitting and remove it along with the washer and the rubber seal. Place these three components over the end of the pipe – first the nut, then the washer followed by the seal. The dished side of the rubber seal should face away from the nut and towards the fitting. Push the pipe into the fitting as far as it will go, slide the seal and washer forward into position in the fitting and tighten the nut.

The joint can be taken apart again if required, but always check that the rubber seal has not been damaged in any way as this will cause the joint to leak. 

Click here to watch our video showing how to assemble a compression waste joint.