Ring Seal Soil Branch - 92.5 Degree x 110mm White

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Code SP190W
EAN Code 5055149906992
Weight (kg) 1.355400
Angle 92.5 Degree
Brand FloPlast
Colour White
Projection 220mm
Material PVC-u
Style Standard
Dimension H290mm x 220mm (Branch Projection) x 165mm (Width including bosses)
Guarantee 1 Year Manufacturer Performance Guarantee
Specification BS EN 1329-1:2000 / BS4514:2001
Size 110mm
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This 92.5 degree branch is one of the integral parts of any soil pipe system. It is used to bring horizontal and vertical pipe runs together, usually when connecting a pipe from a WC into the main vertical soil stack. The 92.5 degree angle creates a fall that is self-cleansing.

The top two connections are ring seal sockets, the bottom of the branch is a spigot that can be fitted into another ring seal socket.

The circular waste bosses on either side of the branch can be drilled out and used in conjunction either with our SP10, SP11 and SP12 rubber boss adaptors or our SP20, SP21 & SP22 solvent boss adaptors to introduce a 32mm, 40mm or 50mm waste pipe into the soil stack.

Ring Seal Soil Systems

Ring Seal Soil and vent is the most commonly used soil system in domestic and non-industrial commercial properties in the UK.

Our FloPlast ring seal soil system is compatible with most other soil systems that are manufactured to British/European standard.

To install any pipe or fitting into another ring seal fitting, first make sure the end of the pipe has been chamfered. Clean off any dirt or debris and lubricate the joint with silicon lubricant. Push the pipe in squarely until resistance is felt, then withdraw it very slightly to allow for any potential system expansion.