Solvent Weld Soil Boss Adaptor - 32mm Black

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Code SP20B
EAN Code 0691208215961
Weight (kg) 0.042000
Brand FloPlast
Colour Black
Material PVC-u
Guarantee 1 Year Manufacturer Performance Guarantee
Specification BS EN 1329-1:2000 / BS4514:2001
Size 32mm
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This solvent weld boss adaptor is used in conjunction with either an SP583 Short Boss Pipe, an SP581 boss pipe or an SP319 strap boss to connect a waste pipe into a 110mm soil pipe. It can also be used inside the boss shoulders of other fittings such as junctions.

The boss adaptor is solvent welded into the circular opening in a boss fitting. The waste pipe is then glued inside the boss pipe to give a permanent fit. Use solvent weld SC250 for all solvent weld joints. Note - solvent weld joints cannot be taken apart once the joint has been made.

If you have not used boss fittings before we would suggest watching our  short instructional video detailing how to use the various boss fittings that are available.

Ring Seal Soil Systems

Ring Seal Soil and vent is the most commonly used soil system in domestic and non-industrial commercial properties in the UK.

Our FloPlast ring seal soil system is compatible with most other soil systems that are manufactured to British/European standard.

To install any pipe or fitting into another ring seal fitting, first make sure the end of the pipe has been chamfered. Clean off any dirt or debris and lubricate the joint with silicon lubricant. Push the pipe in squarely until resistance is felt, then withdraw it very slightly to allow for any potential system expansion.