Flexi Duct Perforated Gas - 160mm (O.D.) x 50mtr Yellow Coil

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Flexi Duct Perforated Gas - 160mm (O.D.) x 50mtr Yellow Coil
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Our yellow perforated flexible ducting is used for ducting gas supply services, usually yellow MDPE pipes, when connecting from the boundary to the house in a single way corrugated pipe. It is available in coil diameters of 63mm, 80mm, 110mm and 160mm. These measurements refer to the outside diameters (O.D.), all dimensions can be found in the table alongside the product image.

The perforations in the duct allow gas to vent safely in the event of a leak. The ribbed external wall ensures that the duct can withstand high compressive forces.

You should always choose a diameter that allows plenty of room within the duct to allow the gas pipe to be drawn through smoothly.

All full coils come with an integral coupler. The coupler enables two coils to be connected together as required.

This coil is manufactured to BS4962 and it complies with Transco specifications.

Flexible ducting has two main advantages over rigid duct lengths. As flexi duct is available in relatively long lengths (the standard coil length is 50m), this minimises or eliminates the need for joiners, with duct often being cut to the exact size required.

The main advantage of flexible ducting though is the innate manoeuvrability flexibility of the product. This enables any small obstacles to be avoided or required changes of direction to be achieved without the need for additional fittings, saving cost and time.

If you are using flexible duct on your own property, we would always recommend attaching a second drawcord to your cable or pipe when you first install the service. This will enable you to easily install additional services at any point in the future if required.