315mm Drainage Pipes

315mm Drainage Pipes are some of the largest diameter pipes commonly used for underground drainage applications. Manufactured to BS EN 1401 - 1 standard, these adoptable drainage pipes are specifically suited for handling very high volumes of wastewater and stormwater.

315mm Sewer Pipes: High Volume Drainage Solutions:

  • Large Industrial Facilities: These sewer pipes are ideal for factories, processing plants, and other industrial settings that generate significant wastewater volumes. They can handle the increased flow from industrial processes and resist potential damage from chemicals.
  • Large Commercial Buildings: Shopping centres, office complexes with a high number of occupants, and large hotels all benefit from the high-capacity drainage offered by 315mm drainage pipes.
  • High-Density Residential Developments: Apartment buildings, student housing, and other large residential projects with numerous units require robust drainage systems. 315mm drainage pipes ensure efficient wastewater removal for all units.

Additional Considerations:

  • Due to their large size and potential impact on the environment, installing 315mm drainage pipes typically requires careful planning and adherence to local building codes and regulations. Consulting with a qualified drainage professional is highly recommended.
  • 315mm pipes are often heavier and require more specialised equipment for handling and installation compared to smaller diameter pipes.


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