Manhole Cover Recessed - 5 Tonne x 600mm x 450mm x 46mm

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Code T11G3
EAN Code 5016609100145
Weight (kg) 13.000000
Brand Clark-Drain
Colour Galvanised Steel
Material Galvanised Steel
Style Recessed
Tonne Loading 5 Tonne
Dimension 600mm x 450mm Opening x 46mm
Specification BS EN1461
Size 740mm x 590mm Cover Size
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The T11G3 is a 600mm x 450mm recessed manhole cover with a fully galvanised tray and a polypropylene frame.

Ideal for internal use, this cover features a factory fitted rubber sealing gasket to prevent any drain odours from escaping from the drainage system. It can also be used externally in pedestrian areas this cover is not suitable for driveway use. The driveway cover option in this size is the CD790R/80.

The internal recessed tray depth of the T11G3 is 43mm ideal for concrete or screed infills.

Like all manhole covers, the size refers to the clear opening size in this case 600mm x 450mm.

The actual overall size of the cover and frame is 740mm x 590mm x 58mm. There is a moulded grouting flange for easy installation.

This cover, which is made by Clark-Drain, has a 5 Tonne load rating.

Clark-Drain is one of the UK market leaders in the supply of manhole covers, and are probably the best known name in the industry. We have partnered them as supplier since we began trading many years ago.

Recessed manhole covers are a relatively modern invention. Using a simple lift-out tray concept, they enable modern inspection chambers or old manholes to be accessed from within a patio, driveway or garden area or internal space without the need for an unsightly steel or cast iron cover that looks unsightly. Internal use recessed covers are generally filled with concrete or screed but there is no reason that laminate flooring or carpet cannot be laid within the tray on a level base layer.

Our internal manhole covers feature a factory fitted neoprene seal that eliminates any drain odours. All of our internal recessed covers can be used externally provided that they are not laid in a driveway.

Block paving, patio slabs, concrete or tarmac is laid within the recessed tray, matching the material finish all around the cover. Paving slabs and block paviors are aligned so that the sand or mortar lines line up exactly with the adjacent products, making the recessed cover almost invisible.

Most recessed covers feature integral lifting keys to avoid the need to disturb the infill. A variety of weight loading options and a wide range of sizes are available from our stock.