Polycarbonate Glazing Bar Systems - An Overview

Take a look at our brief overview into the main Polycarbonate Glazing Bar Systems and their respective features & benefits.

Rafter Supported Glazing Bars

A cost effective roof glazing bar, ideal for lean-tos, shelters etc. Easily fitted – a heavy duty aluminium base section is fitted to a continuous rafter (timber or metal). Polycarbonate is then laid between the bars and the Top cap (UV stable) is clicked down into position to suit the glazing thickness. Suitable for polycarbonate 10, 16 & 25mm thick. Includes gasket.

Rafter Self Supporting Bars

Screw Down Glazing Bars

A superior roof glazing bar, typically used for timber conservatories and other timber glazed structures, canopies and lean-tos. Easily fitted – a rubber gasket is laid on a continuous rafter (timber or metal). Glazing is then laid on the rafters and the aluminium glazing bar is fixed down, clamping the glazing between the bar and the rafter. Suitable for any thickness glazing. All bars (and other components) include gasket.

Screw Down Glazing Bars

Self-Support Glazing Bars

A self supporting glazing bar, typically used for lean- tos, conservatory roofs, canopies and carports. Easily fitted – a wall plate is fixed to the wall and an eavesbeam fixed at the front of the roof (on windows, posts etc). Glazing bars (max unsupported projection of 4m) are then fixed between the two, set at the correct centres. Polycarbonate or glass is then placed between the bars and the PVC top cap clicked down into position. Suitable for 16, 25, 32 & 35mm thick glazing. Includes co-extruded gasket.

Self Support Glazing Bar

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