Push Fit Waste Tee - 32mm Black

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Push Fit Waste Tee - 32mm Black
Push Fit Waste Tee - 32mm Black
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Waste tees are used in two different ways. Their main use is to connect a section of waste pipe into an existing pipe run. The tee is swept to ensure that the new section flows into the main run in the correct direction of flow. In most kitchen and bathroom applications the branch section drops into a main pipe run that is situated below it.

The second use for a tee is to create a 90 degree bend with access for cleaning. This is achieved by using a socket plug in the part of the swept tee that is at the opposite end to the direction of flow.

This fitting is available in 32mm, 40mm and 50mm size options, with 50mm only available in grey.

This push fit waste system is manufactured in the UK to BS EN 1451 and is British Standard kitemarked.

When making a push fit joint, cut the pipe square and remove any burrs, push the pipe into the fitting as far as it will go and then withdraw it by approximately 10mm to allow for any expansion. The joint can be taken apart again if required, but always check that the O ring has not been dislodged from its housing groove in the fitting as this will cause the joint to leak.

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