Push Fit And Solvent Weld Waste Pipes - Explaining The Differences

Waste pipes are used to connect kitchen and bathroom and appliances such as baths, basins and sinks to a Soil Pipe. The Soil Pipe then in turn connects to the Underground Drainage System

135 degree push fit 135 degree white

There are a number of different colours and makes of waste pipe available – here we look at the differences between Push Fit and Solvent Weld systems.

So What Is The Main Difference Between Waste Pipe Systems?

The answer is in the name. Push Fit pipes do not need any sealant or glue as all joints are sealed by a small rubber ring that is held captive within every pipe. The pipe simply needs cut squarely, cleaned and then pushed into the joint. Solvent Weld Pipes utilise solvent cement to make the joint. It is a quick and easy process whereby solvent cement is brushed onto the inside of the fitting and the outside of the pipe which is then pushed together and given a slight twist. The solvent cement welds the pipe and fitting together to make a permanent joint.The main difference once the joint has been made is that Push Fit joints can be taken apart again whereas Solvent Weld joints are permanent. Visually, Solvent Weld fittings are slightly more slimline than their Push Fit counterparts.

Are Push Fit and Solvent Weld Manufactured Differently?

Yes, Push Fit is made from Polypropylene and Solvent Weld is made from ABS Plastic, or sometimes PVC. Both are strong and durable, but both should ideally be given a protective coat of paint when used externally.

So Which Waste Pipe System Is Best?

Both systems have their merits. Push Fit is fast and demountable, whereas as Solvent Weld is absolutely permanent. Our recommendation would be to use Solvent Weld in areas where there is any possibility of impact to the system, such as on a wall outside a house or in a public building. Other than that it comes down to personal choice.

Is There a Colour Option?

Yes, Floplast Push Fit and Solvent Weld waste systems are available in Black, White and Grey. A compression style system is also available in a Chrome Plated Effect for waste pipes that are on show.

Are Floplast Waste Pipes Interchangeable With Other Manufacturers?

Provided the different types are not mixed (i.e. Push Fit is connected to Push Fit) Floplast Push Fit and ABS waste pipes are compatible with all 32mm, 40mm and 50mm systems made by Hepworth, Brett Martin, Osma, Polypipe Terrain, Marley and Hunter.

Is It Possible To Connect To Other Materials Such as Lead or Copper Waste Pipes?

Yes, the Floplast MultiFit Compression Waste system will do this. It will also enable you to make a connection between Push Fit and Solvent Weld systems.

Interesting Fact

Push Fit Waste systems are far more popular in the North of the UK, whilst Southerners seem to favour Solvent Weld Waste!