Solvent Weld Soil Coupling Single Socket - 110mm Black

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Code SS107B
EAN Code 0691208216388
Brand FloPlast
Colour Black
Material PVC-u
Style Single Socket
Guarantee 1 Year Manufacturer Performance Guarantee
Specification BS EN 1329-1:2000 / BS4514:2001
Size 110mm
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This type of coupling has a ring seal push fit socket on one end to connect to a plain ended pipe. The other end is a solvent weld socket for connecting to a plain ended pipe.

All solvent weld soil pipe installations should incorporate ring seal joints at regular intervals to allow for expansion within the system.

This fitting is available in black and olive grey.

Solvent Weld Soil System

Our FloPlast solvent weld soil system is commonly used in both domestic and commercial installations. It has been rigorously tested by the British Standards Institute and holds the prestigious BS kitemark.

To make a solvent weld joint, ensure that the surfaces to be jointed are clean and free of swarf. Apply SC250 solvent cement to both the spigot and the socket, assemble the joint and give it a twist to ensure that full contact has been made. Clean off any excess solvent and allow 24 hours for the joint to cure.

Note – solvent weld joints are permanent and cannot be de-mounted once made.