Vicarage Road - Southborough, Kent

Vicarage Road Case Study

Location: Southborough, Kent

Unit: One Detached Property

Date: April 2015

Products: White Soffit & Fascia Boards, Black Deepflow Guttering & Gutterbrush

Builder: Rymore Ltd

This property is situated on Vicarage Road in Southborough, Kent, which is a town known for its frequent cricket and other sporting activities. This detached house was refurbished using white plain soffit and replacement fascia, as well as some black deepflow guttering fitted with a gutterbrush. This was requested by the owner of the property as there are a lot of large trees in the area and the gutterbrush will prevent leaves from them clogging up their guttering system.

While the faded, dark brown bricks may have made the property look outdated on their own, they are made to be a much more prominent part of the property when supported by white PVC fascia and soffit boards. This now contemporary looking house with a beautiful view from the rear is fit for heavy rainfall.


  • Available in 5 different colours
  • Maintenance-free roofline solution
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Does not allow moisture to penetrate the boards
  • Can be shaped, drilled, cut and nailed if needed.
  • Has a Class 2Y fire rating
  • Manufactured to BS7619:1993

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  • A semi-elliptical profile
  • High capacity-ideal for large roof areas
  • Pre-fitted gutter seal retaining clip system for fast user friendly installation
  • High flow rate means less outlets and less drainage runs
  • Both 65mm Square downpipes and 68mm Round downpipes can be connected to gutter system
  • System is covered by a BSI Kitemark - no. KM501316

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