Cast Iron Halifax Soil Manifold Connector with 3 Plugs - 100mm

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Cast Iron Halifax Soil Manifold Connector with 3 Plugs - 100mm
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Code HS4058
EAN Code 0691208229647
Brand Hargreaves Halifax
Colour Red Epoxy Coated
Material Cast Iron
Pack Size 0
Life Expected 100 Years +
Specification BS EN 877
Size 100mm
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Soil manifolds are used as an alternative to boss pipes as a method of connecting waste pipes into the main soil pipe.

Up to 3 waste pipes can be connected into a soil pipe in this manner without any of the usual issues of crossflow or siphonage that can occur with traditional boss connections. The design of the manifold makes it ideal to be positioned in the corner of a room.

All waste pipe connections are fitted with a rubber flange for a pushfit connection that can accept 32mm and 40mm PVC or copper waste pipes.

As Halifax pipes and fittings have no sockets, couplers are required to connect this manifold to a soil pipe. The long tail on the manifold adds flexibility with the positioning of the connection to the pipe below.

A full dimensional drawing of this product can be found in the  Halifax technical catalogue.