Composite Cladding

We offer composite cladding in two distinctive styles and a variety of colours in order to suit a wide range of properties. Both our composite panel cladding and slatted cladding boards are stylish, low maintenance alternatives to traditional timber cladding that can rejuvenate not only buildings but gardens, outdoor seating areas and sunrooms.

What Is Composite Cladding Made Of?

Our composite cladding is beautifully natural in appearance and offers many of the advantages provided by PVC cladding as well as a host of other unique benefits. Supplied by top quality UK manufacturer Ecoscape, our WPC cladding is made from a mix of recycled high density polyethylene and reclaimed wood fibres. This formula results in a reliable, robust and long lasting cladding system!

Easy To Install

Both panel and slatted composite cladding are quick to install and feature an easy to use tongue and groove system. Each style can be installed either horizontally or vertically, allowing it to fit with many different property types and designs. The system also utilises hidden fixings, making the appearance of the cladding that much more seamless.

The cladding boards are designed with advanced co-extrusion technology and have been developed in order to accommodate installing in awkward and difficult to reach areas.

Installation Guide

Check out our list of helpful installation tips for composite cladding here. We also provide full downloadable installation guides for both our panel and slatted systems.

Low Maintenance

One of the main benefits that composite cladding has over traditional timber is that is requires a lot less maintenance. Since it will not fade or stain, you do not need to paint WPC cladding and thanks to its high durability, it will not need to be sealed or repaired. Composite cladding is not fully maintenance free however, it will need to be cleaned of potential mud or mould. Thankfully this is a very easy process that can be completed with the basic cleaning tools of a brush, a broom and some soapy water.

High Strength & Long Lasting

Composite cladding panels and trims from Ecoscape are all supplied with a 25 year guarantee and are resistant to all types of weathering. They will not warp, rot, splinter or stain and do not require any painting.  All of these factors ensure that your cladding will remain aesthetically pleasing all year round and for decades to come.

The Different Styles Of Composite Cladding

Our composite cladding is available in a panel and a slatted style. While the panel style replicates a more flat and traditional surface appearance like timber and in a way shiplap cladding, the slatted composite cladding offers a truly unique aesthetic that can transform and modernise any property. These two styles are available in the following colours:

Composite Cladding Colours

  • Argent – a blend of dark grey and blue akin to anthracite grey.
  • Flint – a mix of various shades of grey inspired by concrete.
  • Havana – a board that replicates the colour of traditional hardwood decking.
  • Midnight – the darkest board within our range.
  • Silver Birch – the lightest board we offer which features a blend of grey and oak.
  • Spiced Oak – a vibrant option that imitates the look of oiled red cedar.

Ecoscape Cladding Collage

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