Drainage Bend Single Socket - 45 Degree x 110mm

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Drainage Bend Single Socket - 45 Degree x 110mm
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Single socket uses:

  • Most commonly at the entrance and exit points of an inspection chamber.
  • The fitting can also be used in conjunction with other fittings such as branches or gullies.

Double socket uses:

  • Most commonly used to create a change of direction in a pipe run or on the outlet of a 45-degree gully trap.
  • It is also common to use two of these bends together at the bottom of a soil pipe to create a long radius 90-degree bend.

The single-socket bend comes with one end that is pre-chamfered so that it can be inserted directly into the socket of the main channel of the inspection chamber, thereby creating an access point on the drainage system at a 90-degree change of direction.

The socketed ends of the fitting are designed to accept a length of pipe. If this pipe has been cut to length it should be chamfered and lubricated with our SG100 lubricant prior to insertion into the socket to ensure the best possible seal. The socketed end can also be used in conjunction with other fittings that have a pre-chamfered end, such as single socket bends or gullies.

If you are unsure of the exact bend that you might need, why not use an adjustable bend? The clever design of this fitting allows it to be rotated to any angle between 0 and 90 degrees. Having one of these fittings on site can save a huge amount of time if the angles on your installation don't quite line up!

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