Drainage Bottle Gully Back Inlet Circular Grid - 110mm

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Drainage Bottle Gully Back Inlet Circular Grid - 110mm
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Bottle gullies are usually used externally alongside the house wall when introducing waste or rainwater pipes into a foul drain.

They can also be used on surface water drains to collect rainwater from paved areas.

You should always check with your local authority before connecting rainwater pipes into a foul drain unless this is an existing situation.

The top section of any gully should be at least 150mm below the damp proof course level.A Back inlet gully allows new inlets to be connected into an existing drain run. The outlet of this fitting is lower than the inlet to ensure that the air seal is maintained and that there is no backflow.

Bottle gullies provide a trap that stops foul odours from the underground drainage system from escaping into the air.

This bottle gully is also roddable. There is a central chamber within the body of the gully that can be removed for cleaning and clearing purposes.

An RS4 coupling is required to connect the outlet of the gully to a 110mm pipe. A single socket bend will also connect to the outlet if required.

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110mm drainage is the most commonly used size for residential underground drainage systems. Our range comprises high-quality PVC-u pipes and fittings manufactured by the leading UK supplier FloPlast, as well as a variety of couplings and bends from drainage specialist Tetraflow.

All of our underground drainage parts are made in a terracotta colour to be easily distinguishable from soil and waste pipes when installing or performing maintenance. Some of the pipes and fittings in this range feature ring seal socketed ends, which allow for different parts of the system to be connected easily and securely without the requirement of any specialist tools.

The products in this range can be used in conjunction with other ranges such as inspection chambers or soakaway crates in order to complete the full underground drainage system.

All of our 110mm underground drainage products are manufactured to BS EN 1401-1 specification.