Drainage Flexible Coupling/ Adaptor Stepped 121-136mm to 100-115mm

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Drainage Flexible Coupling/ Adaptor Stepped 121-136mm to 100-115mm
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Flexible couplings incorporate a rubber body with stainless bands to enable the fitting to compress down onto different sizes and types of pipe.

As the steel band is tightened (like a jubilee clip), the EDPM material from which the coupler is made compressed uniformly around the pipe, forming an airtight and watertight seal. The clips are made from stainless steel which means that they are impervious to rust.

The adaptor couplings consist of a stepped moulded sleeve that can connect to pipes of various diameters at each end.

One end of this stepped adaptor can be connected to a pipe with an outside diameter of between 121mm and 136mm, while the other end can be connected to a pipe with an outside diameter of between 100mm and 115mm.

These adaptors are ideal for joining pipes of different outside diamaters without the use of a bush, or for connecting PVC drainage pipe to other drainage materials such as clay, salt glaze, supersleve, asbestos cement and pitch fibre.

There are many types of drainage materials that are still in use from previous generations, and connecting on to them can sometimes prove problematic. Flexible couplings remove the need for a multitude of different size adaptors by their adjustable nature.

The steel bands are adjusted and tightened using a screwdriver.

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Flexible Drainage Couplings

Our selection of flexible drainage couplings offer the solution to joining pipes in drainage, sewerage and plumbing installations. These fittings prevent the need for spot welding. These couplings feature an innovative EPDM rubber sealing that will help seal your pipes as tightly as possible. Products are manufactured to the BS EN 16397 specification.

Our straight flexible couplings can be used with both our 110mm & 160mm underground drainage products to join them to other common underground pipe materials such as clay, asbestos and salt glaze.

Stepped adaptors, similar to PVC reducers, allow you to join two pipes of different sizes and material together. This is useful when replacing a piece of old traditional pipe with a PVC pipe that is still going to be connected to another old pipe.

Finally, our range of plumbing flexible couplings feature smaller diameters for low pressure installations and can be installed quickly without any specialist tools. They're even compatible with our solvent weld, push fit and multifit waste systems!