PolyDuct Smooth Single Wall Electric Duct - 32mm (I.D.) x 50mtr

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Made from heavy duty PVC to BS EN 50086-2.4 or ENATS 12-24 Class 3, PolyDuct is favoured by commercial contractors installing electrical cables and systems.

Unlike the majority of duct systems, PolyDuct has smooth inner and outer walls.

PolyDuct is approved by utility suppliers. It has the words Electric Cable Duct marked on the side walls for ease of identification.

PolyDuct is available in 32mm, 38mm and 50mm size variations. These measurements refer to the internal diameter of the duct as is standard practise in this product sector, the external measurements can be found in the product detail table next to the image above.

All three sizes are available in 100m coils whilst the 32mm and 38mm sizes are also available in 50m coils.

Sometimes referred to as Class 2 power duct, this product is designed for use on low voltage (230v) electrical systems. Made from strong HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), it has excellent crush resistance.

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Our polyduct is resistant to most liquids and corrosive products, as well as fungal contamination.

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It remains flexible even at temperatures below freezing, enabling easy installation in even the most extreme weather conditions.