Ring Seal Soil Access Branch - 92.5 Degree x 110mm Grey

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This branch incorporates an access point that allows the soil pipe to be rodded in either direction. it is often sited where at the point on the external wall where an internal soil pipe connects to the outside soil and vent pipe.

To use the access point, simply remove the cap by unscrewing it from the threaded projection on the fitting. This will release any blockage so it is always advisable to stand aside at this point!

The top two connections of the branch are ring seal sockets, the bottom of the branch is a spigot that can be fitted into another ring seal or solvent weld socket.

The circular waste bosses on either side of the branch can be drilled out and used in conjunction either with our SP10, SP11 and SP12 rubber boss adaptors or our SP20, SP21 & SP22 solvent boss adaptors to introduce a 32mm, 40mm or 50mm waste pipe into the soil stack.