Corrugated and Polycarbonate Sheets - BE

Polycarbonate Sheets are predominantly used in the glazing and roofing industries. At PVC Cladding we stock Multiwall Polycarbonate in a wide range of sizes and colours, accompanied by a large selection of glazing bars and trims. We also stock Solid Polycarbonate and Acrylic Sheets for glazing in balconies, stairwells and public areas. This section of our website also includes a large selection of Door Panel Blanks.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets are generally used for conservatory and lean-to roofs. They are lightweight and strong, with excellent insulating properties. We offer a large range of competitively priced pre-cut sheets but if required we can also cut sheets to your exact specifications.

Our Polycarbonate Glazing Bar options come in either timber supported or self supported options, depending upon which best suits your particular installation and budget. We also offer a large range of edge finishing trims and eaves beams to enable the full construction of a completely finished roof from scratch.

Solid Polycarbonate Sheets are used most commonly in commercial glazing applications. They are virtually unbreakable, so are often installed in areas where either safety or potential vandalism is a key consideration.

Door Panel Blanks are used in the manufacture of PVC Doors and side infill panels by the double glazing industry. They come in a range of sizes and different shades of white.

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